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LECTURE SERIES - "The Battles of Fort Ridgeway"

July 7, 2023 - Friday, 7:00 P.M.

Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce

105-A West Curtis Street

Simpsonville, South Carolina

The Battles of Fort Ridgeway”

Hosted by Tom Widener’s

Museum of the American Revolution

This little known action occurred on Dirty Creek in Laurens County. It is part of the gruesome legacy of Bloody Bill Cunningham and is one of many chapters in the horrific civil war that occurred in the South Carolina Backcountry. The Patriot Militia constructed two blockhouses on the Reedy River to protect the frontier settlers from the periodic incursions of Loyalists from the mountains. These were garrisoned by a party of thirty men from the Little Rover District Regiment of Militia under the command of Captain John Ridgeway, Sr. On September 3rd, one of Cunningham's detachments attacked this post. Captain Ridgeway, another officer, and eight (8) privates were killed and the rest of the Patriots surrendered.

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