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Sponsored by The Laurens County Revolutionary War

250th Sestercentennial Committee

Tuesday - May 2, 2023 - 7:00 P.M.

Laurens County Museum - Magnolia Room

This book will be available to purchase

- Admission is a suggested donation -

$5 Non Museum Members

Free for Members and 18 years and younger

Aliene Humphries was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina and graduated from Columbia College with degrees in Special Education and Public Speaking/Drama. In 2010, she wrote her first book, “The Legacy of A Common Civil War Soldier” which was based on the letters written by her great-grandfather Private Thomas Marion Shields in 1861-1865.

In this presentation, Aliene Humphries talks about the newly established Liberty Trail in South Carolina and the fascinating but little-known stories of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaigns. The Liberty Trail includes sixty-nine battleground sites with a map.

Other books authored by Ms. Humphries include: “The War That Made America: The French and Indian War” , “The Legacy Of A Common Civil War Soldier: Private T. M. Shields” - Humphries authored a book using the letters her great grandfather wrote back home to his beloved wife during 1861-1865. Based on the book The Legacy of A Common Civil War Soldier, this program offers a rare glimpse of what life was really like for a Confederate soldier and his wife.

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