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SATURDAY - DECEMBER 30, 2023 - 10:00 AM

Hammond’s Old Store

1503 Greenplain Road

Clinton, South Carolina

Durant Ashmore, a local Historian, will be conducting this tour. This is the 243rd Anniversary of this battle. A tour of this battlefield will be held as well as we will also visit nearby Hayes Station.

Hammond’s Store is another extremely important Laurens County site. It is the location of the Patriot victory on December 29, 1780 where 280 cavalry and militiamen operating under the command of Colonel William Washington (George Washington’s 2nd cousin) defeated a like number of marauding Tories operating under the command of Georgian Thomas Waters. The Little River Militia (Laurens County) was heavily involved in this battle.

Hayes Station on Williams Road - Other than the churches, Hayes Station is the most sacred site in Laurens County. This is the site where Bloody Bill Cunningham on November 19,1781

brutally murdered Colonel Joseph Hayes and eighteen honorable men of the Little River Regiment after they had surrendered. It is reported that fourteen of these men are buried on the site in two common graves. The one-acre site currently has a monument erected by the DAR in 1910. Ownership of this property is deeded to the South Carolina Battleground Trust.

Should you have questions or need additional information, please contact Mr. Ashmore at DURANTASHMORE@AOL.COM Or the Laurens County Museum at (864) 681-3678.

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