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“Cherokees of the Carolinas”

Thursday, July 11, 2024 – 7:00 P.M.

Laurens County Museum - Magnolia Room

116 South Public Square - Laurens, South Carolina 29360


Dennis Chastain will be speaking about the culture of the Cherokees inclusive of the foods they ate, how they hunted, how they built their homes and how they interacted with the early colonists.

Mr. Chastain is an award-winning naturalist and historian of the outdoors.  His intense interest of the outdoors has led him to write many articles as well as conducting tours for those interested in the areas native plants and trails. He comes to us from his family homeplace of Table Rock and he has spent most of his adult life exploring, photographing and writing about the South Carolina Mountains. It has been said that he is known to many as a modern day Daniel Boone.


Over the years of his exploring, he has made a number of important discoveries, including wildflowers never recorded, the remnants of long forgotten roads and Native-American trails with numerous prehistoric rock carvings on Pinnacle and Table Rock Mountains.


Each spring, Dennis conducts tours in the Nine Times Preserve, a five hundred sixty-acre State Wildlife Management Natural Preserve, where he introduces rare mountain plants, seven different types of forests and acknowledging five different mountains.


Mr. Chastain has been honored with the Extraordinary Achievement Award by ForeverGreen for his forty plus years of work as a writer, historian, botanist, guide and conservation advocate.  He currently serves as the Blue Wall Vice-President of the Pickens County Historical Society and is working to secure funding for a historically accurate reconstruction of the colonial era Fort Prince George.

Free for Museum Members and 18 years and younger

Non Museum Members - a suggested donation $5

Memberships are available to all


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