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The Laurens County Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that actively investigates and communicates information regarding our important historic resources.  We excel in presenting authentic views and experiences to diverse audiences in our county, state, nation, and world through research, preservation, and education.

     The Laurens County Museum Association (LCMA) was organized in 2005 by people representing different parts of Laurens County.  Led by James Gambrell, this small group met at the Laurens County Library in July of that year to discuss the possibility of establishing a museum to preserve items of importance to Laurens County history.  Within one year, this group purchased the building located at 205 West Laurens Street, secured grant funding, renovated the building, and opened the Laurens County Museum.

      In 2012, John D. Witherspoon donated beautiful, and quite large, bedroom furniture.  It became immediately apparent that the pieces did not fit in the space the museum currently owned.  Mr. Witherspoon had a solution!  He purchased our new building located directly across from the County Courthouse and donated it to the Laurens County Museum Association.  He mentioned that he would like to see his family furniture displayed on Main Street in Laurens and now there would be an opportunity to do so.  Although this building was large and prominently located, the museum association was taking on a huge renovation project.  The museum located on West Laurens Street remained open during this complex and expensive renovation project.  In 2016, the Dominick Building (located adjacent to the Witherspoon Building) became available.  The Museum Associaation saw the opportunity to generate some rental income and purchased this building as well.  The first floor currently houses Designs by D & Vendor Mall and the second and third floors are currently serving as museum workspace and an archaeology lab.


     It has long been the philosophy of the Laurens County Museum Association not to take out loans or acquire debt.  Because of this, the work at the Witherspoon Building has taken a long time to complete.  Major renovations were necessary to make the building usable and ADA accessible.  Essentially, the museum had to be completely gutted when the Association acquired it and work was done when money was available.  The Laurens County Museum Association is deeply indebted to the late Tony Harper.  Sadly, Tony passed away in 2019, but before he died, he bequeathed monies to the Laurens County Museum Association.  This money was to be used to complete the work on the Witherspoon Building, redesign exhibits and move them to the new location.  The work necessary at the Witherspoon Building has included the installation of an elevator, a sprinkler system, electrical work, HVAC installation, framing, drywall, painting, and flooring.  This work has been completed and the grand opening was held on January 2, 2022.


Meet your Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and Financial Supporters that help to make it all happen. The Museum is an independent non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors.  And is a volunteer-fueled organization making what the Museum is and provides today possible. The Museum could not be possible without the generous helping hands of our Volunteers and the Community itself.  


Teresa Noble - President

Charlotte Slice - Vice Chair

Edna McCarter - Treasurer

Betty C. Walsh - Secretary

Sarah Jane Armstrong

Cassandra Campbell

Bob Link

Elma Morrison

Debbie W. Vaughn


Front Row - Left to Right

Debbie W. Vaughn, Museum Board Member

Connie B. Post, Administrator - Museum Operations

Teresa W. Noble, Chairwoman, Museum Board

Back Row - Left to Right

Diane Smith, Coordinator / Manager, Museum Magnolia Room

Chris Pennington, Manager - Facilities / Design


Walter Allen - Phyllis Armstrong - Sarah Jane Armstrong - Joey Avery 

Jim Barton - Libby Burroughs - Cassandra Campbell - Sheila Candura

Dianne Culbertson - Daria Cronic - Connie Daniels - Edie Davis

Laura Dennie - David Donahue - Fay Edge - Anne & Jim Edwards

 Linda Finley - Nancy Fowler - Larry Franks - Alicia Gagin - Martha Garrison  James Gambrell - Bonnie Hadden - Dianna Hayden - Julie Hill

Dr. Booker Ingram - Becky Kirkland - Bob Link -  Lewis Matthews

Edna McCarter - Jane McCarter - Ruth McDaniel - Margaret McIntyre

 Jim Moore - Elma & Wilbert Morrison - Jane Nelson - Teresa Noble

Gene Ott - James & Susan Potts - Joyce Rambo - Gail Ricard - Ernie Segars  Carole Senn - Julia Sermons - Andy Shull - Rachel Siviter - Charlotte Slice

Doris Taylor - Michael & Sonja Tucker - Debbie Vaughn - Greg Walls

Betty Ann Walsh - Robert Whitmore


The Laurens County Museum would not be possible without the help of our yearly financial supporters as well as those that offer us the opportunity towards grants. Below is a list of those financial / grant supporters. When you see them, please join us in saying, "Thank you for all of your support and contributions".

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